Engraving Equipment & Supplies

RS&E is renowned as a global leader in adopting state-of-the-art technology. Our principal brands come from Austria, America, Italy and France. We offer the latest models of equipment in the industries we serve. These include stampmaking, sign and engraving industries. Our photoengraving equipment is widely used by label and flexographic printers. Before adopting a brand, in-depth studies are conducted.

We are proud to offer a wide range of engraving tools:

- Hand Held Engravers - see our range of DREMEL
- Manual Pantographs - see our range of KIRBA
- Computerized Engraving and Routing Systems: see our range of VISION
- Laser Engraver - see our range of TROTEC Lasers
- Laser Cutting - see our range of TROTEC Lasers
- Laser Marking - see our range of TROTEC Lasers
- Additional Engraving Equipment: Grinder - Saws (VARGA) - Beveller - Magnifier - - Cutters (ANTARES) - and many more accessories
- Engraving Laminates: from GRAFLUX - IPI - ECKART - Rowmark

ABS modified - Impact Acrylics - Anodised Aluminium - Engraving Brass - Anacoil - Coated Brass etc.